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 | Picking the right Scooter | Motorcycle Course | F.A.Q

What’s the difference between a scooter and a motorcycle?
While there can be many differences between scooters and motorcycles there are three main characteristics that distinguish a scooter. They lude its frame design, transmission type, and weight.

The most obvious difference a scooter possesses is its step-through design. More comfortable than straddling a large fuel tank, scooters have a seat position that lets riders sit with their legs in front of them behind a wind deflecting shield. The design also puts the engine to the rear of the passenger, thus protecting the rider from oil stains and engine heat while at the same time lowering the center of gravity.

A second major difference is that many scooters now feature automatic transmissions. Using a continuous variable transmission, modern scooters accelerate smoothly from 0 to top speed without a gear selector or clutch. This makes scooters more convenient to ride in congested areas as well as easier to operate so one can concentrate on safety. Finally, a scooter is typically much lighter in weight than an average motorcycle. This makes them more maneuverable, easier to store, and more practical to transport.

Making a Purchase

How hard is it to learn to drive a scooter?
The learning curve on the  scooter is very quick. Roketa and Tank Sports automatic transmissions, low centers of gravity and dual hand brakes make the scooter very easy to drive. These characteristics often appeal to individuals who are riding for the first time or after a long period.

Do I need a motorcycle license before I purchase? How will I get it home?
You do not need a motorcycle license in order to purchase a scooter. However, you must obtain all required licensing and review motorcycle laws and tips prior to riding your new bike on public roadways. For this reason, we do have the option for home delivery of your new purchase. This allows new bike owners to familiarize themselves with their scooter prior to riding in traffic.

Can Austin Motor Sportship a Scooter or Accessory Order to my location?
Nothing would make us happier. Austin Motor Sport takes great care in preparing scooters and accessories for shipment. In addition to home  our relationship with local  companies allows us to crate scooters in their original packaging for shipment to your residence. As the least cost alternative, vehicles arriving by freight carrier require only the installation of mirrors, front wheel, battery, fuel line connection, following the removal of the scooter from its crate.

Can I still purchase scooters and accessories from Austin Motor Sportif I live outside the Texas?
Of course! While we make our home in the Austin Texas area, We  service and delivers to areas throughout the 48 states.

Do you have any catalogs or brochures for bikes, accessories or parts?
While not all of our accessories and parts are available for viewing in a printed brochure, one can view many of these items by clicking here.

Does Austin Motor Sport accept trade-ins and buy backs?
Yes, in many cases we are able to accept good condition, used scooters and motorcycles for trade-in or repurchase.


Does Austin Motor Sport provide financing?
Yes we provide 90 days in house financing with 0% interest.

How do I qualify for Financing?
In  order to qualify for financing you would need to have an existing checking account and valid ID. Bad credit, no credit is not a problem, you still receive 0% interest financing for 90 days.

How does your financing work?
You would put half down with your check (not check card or cash) and write three checks the same day for the remaining balance. The first check will be deposited within 24 hours and the remaining check will be deposited the day you want the check to be deposited. The three checks that you write has to be for within 90 days.

Riding Laws

Do I need a motorcycle license to ride a Roketa or Tank Sports  scooter?
Laws vary by state and by model, but in Texas as with most other states, you will need a class M endorsement or motorcycle license for vehicles that do not qualify as mopeds. Generally, vehicles over 50cc are considered motorcycles.

Is there a helmet law that applies to scooters?
Laws vary by state, but in Texas as with most other states, you are required by law to wear a helmet. Plus, it is your skull after all, which is definitely your most important asset—we would hate to see anything happen to it.  


How often will I need to service my Roketa or Tank Sports
Maintenance on Roketa or Tank Sports  scooters varies by engine type. Generally, each scooter will undergo a break-in period of 300 miles or 2 months which is followed by the first service. Four stroke engines require service every 6 months or every 1,000 miles.

Where do I get my Scooter Serviced?
While  service centers are on the horizon for Roketa or Tank Sports through out united states, we currently perform all of our warranties, repairs, and services from our store in Austin.

Do Roketa or Tank Sports scooters come with a warranty?
The warranty for the Roketa or Tank Sports  and  scooters covers manufacturer’s defects 6 months or 3000 miles which ever comes first. Some scooter models also have extended warranty options. Exclusions to the warranty are outlined in the warranty booklet and may limit coverage of paint, chrome, and battery and other ware and tear parts.

Does Austin Motor Sport service other brands of scooters?
Roketa or Tank Sports  trained staff of technicians is happy to service other makes and models of similar type scooters. While our expertise lies in the scooters that we sell, we can perform service work for a variety of bikes. Se parts are not always available, for more extensive repairs, we recommend that owners bring their bikes back to their point of purchase for larger jobs. There is a 1 hour minimum shop labor fee for service and repairs on all non- /Roketa or Tank Sports  scooters.

Will Austin Motor Sport pick up my scooter?
Yes, to make ownership and service easy for our customers in the metro Austin area, we offer both pickup and drop off of scooters for a nominal fee.

Can I service my own scooter?
Servicing your scooter does take some mechanical expertise and the right set of tools, but for those wanting to perform their own services we will offer assistance when possible. Keep in mind that improper servicing and damages resulting from them are not covered under warranty.



What are the performance and other specifications for each bike?
All specifications for each bike are listed in the Scooters section of this site.

Why do the scooters have differences in fuel economy?
The different engine ranges and models of scooters have varying Miles per Gallon (MPG) for several reasons. Things that will make an effect on MPG lude vehicle weight, engine type, the number of valves per cylinder, and water vs. air cooled. In addition, individual factors such as rider weight, riding environment, and how one accelerates will also have an effect on the vehicles overall fuel economy.

What is a CVT Transmission?
A continuous variable transmission (CVT) is a type of automatic transmission that orporates a centrifugal clutch, conical drive pulleys, and belt to transfer power from the engine to the rear wheel without the use of a manual clutch. The system works by first transferring power from the engine’s crankshaft to the “driving pulley”. The “driving pulley” is connected to the cone shaped “driven pulley” via a “V” shaped-belt. Once a certain engine RPM is reached, a centrifugal clutch engages connecting the driven pulley with the rear wheel and the bike begins a slow seamless acceleration from 0 to top speed. All of this is happening while the rider is only required to twist the throttle handle! Thus the nickname “Twist and Go.”

What is the difference between a two-stroke and a four-stroke engine?
The terms two-stroke and four-stroke engines refer to the engine type on a scooter. Also known as two-cycle and four-cycle, these terms are meant to describe the combustion process that the engine uses to create power. Two-strokes engines are lubricated by burning a small amount of oil which is mixed with gas and resemble the small engines on leaf blowers. Four-stroke engines are lubricated by a separate oil source and take after ones car. The main difference will be that one will need to add oil to a two-stroke scooter and get oil changes periodically on a four-stroke engine.

Where can I buy oil for my scooter?
While we sell the oil for all of our bikes and would be happy to ship additional oil to you, appropriate oils for the bikes can be found at most any motorcycle shop. When choosing an oil for your bike, it is recommended that you use a synthetic two-stroke oil formulated for motorcycle/motorscooters on the 50cc bikes and a synthetic 5W-40 SAE for the four stroke engines. Using inappropriate oils may damage or reduce the power of your engine through excess deposits. Refer to your owner’s manual for further details.


Other Questions

What is the best way to take my Roketa or Tank Sports  on vacation with me?
Once you fall in love with Roketa or Tank Sports , you are going to want to bring it along with you to the beach, the mountains, and everywhere in between. For this reason, we sell both hitch carriers and full trailers which were designed with our bikes in mind. They will help you transport your scooter safely and conveniently wherever you are headed.

Do you rent Roketa or Tank Sports s?
No, unfortunately we are not able to rent our scooters for riding purposes due to insurance and license limitations.